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ALEC Precision Cutting Tool F-V6 2

ALEC Precision Cutting Tool F-V6 2
  • Model: AL-K131
  • Manufactured by: 饢å/ SHIMOMURA ALEC

Additional information

Precision Cutting Tool



The F-V6 upgrade version now is able to cut the inside/outside of flat surface in precision and sharp the surface with high accuracy, high quality, and durability.

  • Using 0.5mm thickness steel, the professional handsaw craftsman sharpens each flat blade and edges all around. The thickness is 0.48mm in real.
  • Possible to cut the flat surface according to the object such as parting line erasing, narrow/wide surface slotting, make the inside of the cylinder parts thin, finishing the flat surface, chamfering, etc.


Dimensions :
-Outer diameter : approx. 60mm; Inner diameter : approx. 30mm,
-15mm in length for each flat blade with 0.01mm edge all around.
-Main body thickness: approx. 0.48mm.
Surface treatment : 3.0 micron nickel plating.
Blade edging : 0.01mm blade sharpening by hand saw craftsmen.
Material : High Carbon Cutlery steel.
Application : For plastic material cutting.

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