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ALEC Stainless Steel File SHINEBLADE Series “GURUGURU BAR”

ALEC Stainless Steel File SHINEBLADE Series “GURUGURU BAR”
  • Model: AL-K140
  • Manufactured by: シモムラアレック/ SHIMOMURA ALEC

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Exclusive use for plastic modeling cutting!
Equivalent to sandpaper #600! Available to cut in free directions with double-cut.
Unique U shape undercut helps to prevent clogging up.
Highly recommend for modelers!

■ Hand made by professional craftsmen in Japan with high quality.
■ By use of CNC(Computer numerical control) milling, the undercut is round that prevents clogging.
■ With the uniquely arranged double-cut teeth, the files are available to cut in free directions.
■ The coarseness is equivalent to sandpaper # 600.
■ Anti-rust and washable with easy maintenance due to stainless steel made.
■ Handy tool and easy to carry.
■ The unique hull shape makes it easy to hold; the compact size makes it able to cut in tight space and wide surfaces.


■ Materials: Stainless Steel (SUS420)
■ Dimensions: Overall length 57mm, 16mm in width, 2mm in thickness.
■ Coarseness: #600 approx.
■ Application: Use of cutting resin materials of plastic modeling, railroad modeling, diorama making,dollhouse making, building modeling, etc.

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