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ALEC Black Coat File “BCF”

ALEC Black Coat File “BCF”
  • Model: AL-K115
  • Manufactured by: シモムラアレック/ SHIMOMURA ALEC

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Amazing cutting quality! Black coating for anti-rust.
Tapered round file with Ф0.5mm in thickness at the point.
Cut smoothly, and hardly clogging up.

■ Hand made by professional craftsmen in Japan with high quality.
■ The teeth of the file are sharpened and removed the burrs by electrolytic polishing to improve the cutting quality.
■ Smoothly cut even the point of the file has only Ф0.5mm in thickness.
■ With a special black coating for anti-rust.
■ Hard to get stuck.
■ Perfect for cutting and filing materials such as plastic, complete cured resin, aluminum, copper, brass, iron, precious metal, stainless steel etc.

*Files should be cleaned out by using a wire brush after the works have done.


■ Dimensions : Overall 200mm in length; workable length 100mm
■ Coarseness: #400 approx.

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