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ALEC Iron U-blade File fina

ALEC Iron U-blade File fina
  • Model: AL-K128
  • Manufactured by: 饢å/ SHIMOMURA ALEC

Additional information

Iron File for Soft Metals

CODE 4562256112143


Exclusive use for soft metals filing!
Hardly clogging and Perfect for filing the fine photo-etched parts.

Hand made by professional craftsmen in Japan with high quality.
The undercut of a normal file made by chisel is V-shape where the escape of debris is bad. However,by use of CNC (computer numerical control) milling, the undercut is round and wide, so there is almost no clogging, and also easy to remove debris by brushing and so on.
Hard to get stuck while filing the fine photo-etched parts due to the single cut teeth.
The slitting face is only 3mm width and 1mm thickness.
Exclusive for soft metals filing such as brass, copper, and polyester putty, solder, acrylic, etc.


Overall length: 135mm, 1mm in thickness.
The belly area: 40mm in length / 3mm in width / 1mm in thickness.
Coarseness: #600 approx for surface side, #1000 approx for the back side.
Material:Carbonitriding Hardening Steel

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