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Evangelion Craft Scissors EVA Test Type 01

Evangelion Craft Scissors EVA Test Type 01
  • Model: EV-25S
  • Manufactured by: ニッケン刃物株式会社

Additional information


Craft Scissors

CODE: 4945569766614


  • Inspired by the famous anime series “ Neon Genesis Evagelion”!
  • Line-up for two designs: EVA Test Type 01 corresponding EVA Unit 01, EVA Production Model 02 corresponding EVA Unit 02.
  • Made in Japan.
  • High Quality of its sharpness handmade by experienced Japanese craftsmen.
  • With Serrated blades, they can cut through hard materials without slipping.
  • Features the original “NERV” logo on the blades, “A.T. FIELD EVANGELION WORK” logo on the cap.
  • Comes with scissor cap for safety.

  • Cutting Capability

    ● VCT up to 3.5x2
    ● VA.VVF cable up to core 2.0x3
    ● Aluminum wire 2mm in diameter
    ● Molding materials
    ● PP board 1mm
    ● Rubber plate 5mm
    ● resin corrugated sheet 0.25mm
    ● Copper plate, aluminum plates 0.5mm
    ● Leather material 3mm
    ● Aramid fiber, Kevlar fiber
    ●Tin plate 0.3mm
    ● Cork board 5mm


    ■ Blade material : High Carbon Stainless Cutlery Steel
    ■ Handle material : ABS, Elastomer
    ■ Cap material : ABS
    ■ Country of origin : Japan
    ■ Manufactured by Nikken Cutlery
    ■ Dimensions : Overall length: 205mm (215mm with cap attached)

    Ⓒkhara, inc.

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