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PLATZ 1/144 Fw190 D-9 "JV44" (2 kits in one box)

PLATZ 1/144 Fw190 D-9 "JV44" (2 kits in one box)
  • Model: PDR-4
  • Manufactured by: PLATZ/プラッツ

Additional information

1/144 Fw190 D-9 "JV44" (2 kits in one box)

Assembly Plastic Model kit


About the Aircraft

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Würger is a German single-seat, single-engine fighter and widely used during World War II. The Fw190 D variant (nicknamed the Dora; or Long-Nose Dora) was intended as the high-altitude performance version of the A-series. The Fw190 D-9 featured long-nose, lengthened fuselage and powered by Junkers Jumo 213 liquid-cooled engine.
One of the most well-known units flying the D-9 was JV44, which used aircraft with a distinctive red and white striped under-surface for identification purposes.

About the Kit

■ This is an unpainted assembly plastic model kit for Fw190 D-9 "JV44" in 1/144 scale.
■ Glue and paint are not included.
■ The kit includes TWO Fw190 D-9 model kits with FOUR optional marking scheme decals.
■ Precisely molded, and also features refined recessed panel lines.
■ The decals, instruction sheet, and box art are renewed.
■ The silk-screen printing decals are made by Cartograf which enable to reproduce Four optional marking scheme belonging to JV44.
■ The finish is about 70mm in length.
■ Box Size:190×110×30mm

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