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ALEC Iron U-blade FILE 16mm

ALEC Iron U-blade FILE 16mm
  • Model: AL-K110
  • Manufactured by: シモムラアレック/ SHIMOMURA ALEC

Additional information



CODE: 4562256111948

  • Special model that makes full use of CNC (computer numerical control) milling and craftsmanship! 
  • Unique U-shape undercut helps to prevent waste materials from clogging.
  • Adopt the Quenching method of "carbonitriding" to obtain a surface hardening layer.
  • Available to cut light metal such as brass, copper, and Poly putty solder, woodchip and acrylic etc.
  • Single-cut teeth (#1000 approx.) is suitable for cutting small photoetched parts and for smoother finish.
  • Double-cut teeth (#400 approx.) cut material more aggressively and quickly.

    Overall length: 150mm 
    Blade length: 75mm 
    width/thickness : 16mm/t2mm 
    ■Material: Carbonitriding hardening steel 
    ■Surface blade: Double-cut (#400 approx.)
    ■Back surface blade: Single- cut (#1000 approx.)
    ■Application: for light metal cutting

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