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1/48 Swedish Air Force Fighter JA37 Jakt Viggen "Blue Peter"

1/48 Swedish Air Force Fighter JA37 Jakt Viggen "Blue Peter"
  • Model: TPA-25
  • Manufactured by: PLATZ ITARERI/プラッツ イタレリ

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New Release Information for 2022 All Japan Hobby Show

Release Scheduled in November 2022

Plastic Model Kit


PLATZ/ITALERI 1/48 Swedish Air Force Fighter
JA37 Jakt Viggen "Blue Peter"
Swedish Air Force 75th Anniversary Special Painting

About the Aircraft

The Viggen is a fighter developed independently by Sweden and operated from 1971 to 2005. It was equipped with a canard on the left and right of the air intake and adopted a delta wing as the main wing. The engine was equipped with one RM8B and demonstrated a maximum speed of Mach 2.1. It boasted STOL performance that enables takeoff and landing on short runways. In 2000, the 2nd and 3rd Squadrons of the F16 Wing were closed and reorganized into a single squadron, and a commemorative paint scheme was produced. The Viggen, painted in the 2nd Squadron's blue colors, was unveiled at the 2001 Air Show in Uppsala Air Base, which marked the 75th anniversary of the Air Force's founding. It was nicknamed "Blue Peter" and became very popular.

About the Kit

This plastic model assembly kit reproduces the fighter Viggen, which was operated by Sweden from 1971 to 2005.
★ Scale in 1/48 with ITALERI made parts; the finish is about 34.2cm in length.
★ Reproduce the distinctive canard-delta wing design and details such as panel lines.
★Various weapons and tanks mounted under the wings and fuselage are realistically modeled.
★ Set with a masking sheet convenient for canopy frame painting.
★The markings are for the specially painted aircraft commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Swedish Air Force, nicknamed "Blue Peter" which have been recreated with Cartograf decals.

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