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PLATZ/ITALERI 1/48 Swedish Air Force Fighter AJ37 Viggen

PLATZ/ITALERI 1/48 Swedish Air Force Fighter AJ37 Viggen
  • Model: TPA-13
  • Manufactured by: PLATZ ITARERI/プラッツ イタレリ

Additional information


Plastic Model Kit


About the Aircarft

The AJ37 Viggen is a fighter aircraft developed independently by Sweden and operated from 1971 to 2005. In 1961, development began as a successor to Draken. The first flight was successful in 1967, and the AJ37 Viggen entered service in 1971. The AJ37 Viggen was equipped with a canard on the left and right of the air intake and adopted a delta wing. The engine is equipped with one Pratt & Whitney JT8D-22. The AJ37 Viggen performed the maximum speed Mach 2.1, and was proud of its STOL performance that can take off and land on short runways. The initial AJ37 was assigned with the main missions of ground-attack and anti-ship attack, and the SF37 was a reconnaissance variant, the SH37 was a maritime reconnaissance variant, and the final was JA37 all-weather fighter-interceptor variant.

About the Kit

This is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the AJ37 Viggen, a fighter operated by Sweden from 1971 to 2005.
★ Scale in 1/148 with ITALERI made parts, the finish is about 34.2cm in length.
★ Reproduce the distinctive canard-delta wing design and details.
★ Various weapons and tanks mounted under the fuselage and wing are realistically reproduced.
★ Set with a masking sheet convenient for canopy painting.
★ Cartograf made silk-screen printing decal reproduces 2 markings, green camouflage and the early deployment marking.

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