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​PLATZ 1/144 JASDF F-2A with J/AAQ-2 FLIR

​PLATZ 1/144 JASDF F-2A with J/AAQ-2 FLIR
  • Model: PF-51
  • Manufactured by: PLATZ/プラッツ

Additional information


Release Scheduled in February 2022

Plastic Model Kit


About the Aircraft

The F-2A fighter of JASDF is jointly developed by Japan and the United States, and started operation in 2000. Currently, the F-2A is on the mission in the 3rd Squadron at Hyakuri AB and the 6th and 8th Squadrons at Tsuiki AB. The F-2A has been renovated to improve its performance after deployment, and the F-2A ordered after 2005 is able to be equipped with J/AAQ-2 forward-looking infrared (FLIR) device. The FLIR device is used to detect targets on land and at sea with infrared radiation, and is effective for target detection and navigation even at night and in bad weather.

About the Kit

■This is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the JASDF fighter F-2A in 1/144.
■Contains One F-2A aircraft with F-toys made parts.
■The finished size is 106mm in length.
■Reproduce the J/AAQ-2 (FLIR) pod equipped on the right side of the air intake by resin parts.
■Marking sets with 4 F-2As aircraft numbers of 3 squadrons.
■The decal is made by Italian Cartograf with high quality.

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