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1/35 German SDKFZ.553 Ausf.Vierfüßler "KaiserKafer"

1/35 German SDKFZ.553 Ausf.Vierfüßler "KaiserKafer"
  • Model: 47020
  • Manufactured by: ロケットモデルズ

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Plastic Model Kit


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1/35 scale Fist of War
German SDKFZ.553 Ausf.Vierfüßler "KaiserKafer"

【About the "Fist of War®" series】

The concept of the Fist of War series is based on an alternative timeline in which the end of WWll is delayed by two years, where we explore the possibility of what the hypothetical advancement of weapons development being affected in and since this time period. Furthermore, the premise of this SF-inspired "superior technology" is that the inception of multi-legged artillery originated with the German military and spread throughout the world. This imagination is richly established through this series of models.

【About the Kit】

This 1/35 scale plastic model kit reproduces the German Sd.Kfz.553 Ausf.Vierfüßler "Kaiserkafer".
●Inherit E-100 Ausf. Sechsfüßler leg technology with fully working joints.
●Arms = 7.5cm Pak with vertically working single-axis joint.
●2-men manipulated interior is fully recreated, with extra space for a radio operator.
●A working cockpit hatch is available to open and close.
●Including water-slide decal.

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