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PLATZ 1/144 IJA Ki43-I HAYABUSA “with Silver Wings” (2kits)

PLATZ 1/144 IJA Ki43-I HAYABUSA “with Silver Wings” (2kits)
  • Model: PDR-31
  • Manufactured by: PLATZ/プラッツ

Additional information


Release scheduled in April 2021



PLATZ 1/144 IJA Type 1 Fighter Ki43-I HAYABUSA 〔OSCAR〕
“with Silver Wings”
(2 Kits in One Box)

About the Aircraft

The Army Type 1 fighter Ki43-I HAYABUSA fought the entire period of World War II as a fighter representing the Japanese Army. Type I, which is the first mass-production type, was adopted in 1941 as the army's first retractable gear type fighter. Taking advantage of its great maneuverability, the Ki43-I HAYABUSA was active alongside the Zero Fighter in the war period.

About the Kit

This is a 1/144 scale unpainted assembly plastic model kit for IJA Type 1 fighter Ki43-I HAYABUSA ”with Silver Wings”
-Paint and Glue are required.
-Contains TWO Ki43-I HAYABUSA model kits in high accuracy with recessed panel lines.
-Including drop tanks beneath the main wing.
-The silk-screen printing decal is made by Cartograf with 4 marking schemes as below,
(A) 3rd Chutai, 64th Hiko-Sentai, Fussa AB Tokyo 1941
(B) IJA Techiarai Fight School, Tachiarai AB Fukuoka 1943
(C) 2nd Chutai 24th Hiko-Sentai, Akeno AB, Mie 1942
(D) #388 “the Aikoku” IJA Akeno Fight School, Akeno AB, Mie
-The total length is about 62mm.
-Box Size:199×110×30mm

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