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PLATZ 1/144 US Navy F6F HELLCAT Blue Angels (2 Kits)

PLATZ 1/144 US Navy F6F HELLCAT Blue Angels (2 Kits)
  • Model: PDR-26
  • Manufactured by: PLATZ/ץå

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Release schedduled in Febuary 2021

Plastic Model Kit


About the Aircraft

One of the main fighters of U.S. Navy in WWII was F6F Hellcat. Featuring high wing loading and 2000hp powerful engine, the F6F possessed great maneuverability. Its outstanding combat perfomance is said to be outperformed Japanese fighters. Blue Angels is an acrobat team representative of U.S. Navy. The team was formed in 1946 and the first aricraft to be chosen was the F6F Hellcat. Although the F6F was replaced by F8F 2 months later, its first marking in navy blue with gold lettering was a memorable first step for a Blue Angels.

About the Aircraft

This is a 1/144 scale unpainted plastic model assembly kit for F6F-5 HELLCAT Blue Angels.
-Paint and Glue are required.
-Contains TWO F6F-5 HELLCAT model kits in high accuracy.
-Decal including 4 marking schemes and position number on the tail,
(A) U.S. Navy acrobat team Blue Angels from June to August 1946
(B) U.S. Navy Reserve Unit NAS St. Louis, Missouri, 1946
(C) U.S. Navy FAIRBETUPAC San Diego California, 1953
(D) U.S. Navy Reserve Columbus Ohio, 1950
-The total length is about 72mm.
-Box Size19011030mm

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